Happy September!

Hey Y'all! I thought I would gather up a few of my favorite things and share them with you here in case you need a break from your daily grind and want to do some internet scrolling. So take a break and waste a little time with me- I have five awesome things to tell you about! <3

Spice Velvet Maxi Dress

I love love love a good maxi dress. They are the perfect thing to wear to your session for about a dozen reasons (see my thoughts on that here) and I also just love wearing them in general. This is a great fall and winter maxi from a site I love that I just pre-ordered myself, and I spent a good deal of time in decision paralysis deciding between it and this gorgeous off the shoulder pleated blue floral one! If you are looking for the perfect dress for your upcoming session - definitely give Baltic Born a look because they have styles for every body, every style and every season! Mmmmm...I'm in shopping heaven!

Apple Butter & Sage Pork Chops

This is a SERIOUSLY delicious perfect-for-fall recipe by the ever talented Teighan over at Half Baked Harvest (right here in Colorado!). Last week we had an unexpected cold spell here (snow and everything- in September!) and I was craving something cozy, so I dug through her site and settled on these delicious sweet and herby pork chops. Let me just tell you they did NOT disappoint- Stefan and I and the boys could.not.get.enough. This is for sure a new staple in our home and honestly visit her site ion the regular. For real, if you are in need of a resource for tried and true can't go wrong recipes, consider bookmarking her page because every recipe she churns out is a winner!

Ew, Covid

Any Schitt's Creek fans here? It's only one of the best shows ever. Like, Ever. If you are well versed in the lingo of David and Alexis than you know full well where the adaption 'Ew, Covid' comes from and can appreciate this awesome illustrated tee from The Beau Studio on Etsy. But if a tee isn't up your alley perhaps a mug, a face mask, a pair of socks or even a wall print would be up your alley? In these Covid times, the Beau Studio has made a lovely collection worthy of even Rose Apothecary's open concept shelves ;)

How To Be Parisian, Wherever You Are

First of all, I'll admit that I am a total failure at being Parisian, however that doesn't make this book any less of an entertaining read and lovely set of lessons in how I could improve my 'je ne sais quoi'. Anyone who knows me personally knows I love all things French (as the gift giver of this book clearly did) and if I could magically become Parisian (or just move to Paris) I would in a heartbeat! So if you too would like to add a little French flair to you your life, this is the book for you! Its 272 pages are full of tips, anecdotes, and insights written by four witty French femme's who know a thing or two about the mystère of the French woman.


Are you a notetaker, list maker, journaler, writer or any person who still likes to write with your hands, BUT, are you also Eco-conscious? ME TOO! Enter Rocketbook. This is one of my absolute favorite things, and while it has been around for a while now, I find a lot of people don't know about it! This magical little (or big) notebook is a reusable notebook that allows you, just write away with any Pilot Frixion Pen (which come in all different colors and are dirt cheap), and then at your leisure, take a quick photo of your notes and instantly upload to the storage place of your choice; Google Drive, One Note, Trello or a number of other digital destinations. I am always looking for ways to reduce my environmental impact so I have been so happy with this switch! The pictures of my notes are crisp and clear, and all my notes are permanently organized on my Google Drive! I picked mine up at my local Target, but they are sold everywhere and come in different sizes - here's an Amazon link!