A Dose of Inspiration, Education & Friendship

Below are six (well really 8) people who have changed my life and photography business for the better. I have every confidence that one or more of them could do the same for you. If you need a dose of inspiration, a boost in your business, a little extra education, or just want to look at some pretty photos, please scroll on!

Jonas Peterson is arguably one of the most gifted storytellers in the world when it comes to making you feel something through the power of a photograph. Just hop on over here and see what I mean. And if you did click and see then you might just be interested in tapping into that resource yourself, and you are in luck because he has a wonderful online one day workshop called A Greater Story that I've just had the pleasure of crying, I mean learning from, and I promise you your work will be better for it. Jonas photographed my husband Stefan and I (before we were even engaged) in 2010 so I have followed his work for quite some time and watched his talent for storytelling grow even since I first saw his work. He helped capture the beginning of our story, and now he is helping countless amounts of photographers learn to capture so many other couples stories in more beautiful and meaningful heartfelt ways.

If you are feeling stuck, or wanting to take your work to the next level, or just need a good dose of inspiration, spend a day watching, learning and hearing the stories that Jonas has to share with you and the wisdom and advice from his many years being a master of storytelling and I think the $79 price tag will seem like pennies. You can also follow his beautiful stories here.

Sam Hurd. Arguably one of the most talented and creative photographers of his time, genius in fact, in my humble opinion. More important though is how incredibly humble and giving he is. Amidst the vast array of photographers selling courses and workshops full of ego and high dollar price tags, usually with little return on investment and no real concern for the swaths of photographers lining up to pay, Sam stands relatively alone. He freely gives all his knowledge to anyone who asks him a question, and boy does he have a lot of it. If you want to get into the real nitty gritty of things, he has his Patreon account (of which I am a subscriber) for a very nominal monthly fee and posts content all.the.time. He goes into great detail on topics ranging from deconstructing a specific shot to what he carries in his bag to the latest camera review and so much more. I *think* I am lucky enough to call him a friend, and ironically back in my wedding photography days we shot together a few times! In addition to his Patreon account you can also check out his new release on dvlop.com of his Signal Flow presets + 3D LUT Creative Profiles which I can't wait to try out!

I found out about the beauty that is Tinted Photography (husband and wife team Ben & Sirjana) by attending the Conference and Chill online Workshop this past summer and wow- are they the talented duo. But beyond the beautiful destination adventure wedding photography that comes out of these two is some amazing branding and business advice through their coaching business When Light Falls Coaching. I was super fortunate to have a coaching hour with Sirjana and she gave me so much direction and understanding of what branding really is, and how to narrow my focus to who I am what I need to do for my business. She cuts to the chase and doesn't hold back when it comes to telling you how you can go after exactly what it is you want and the goals you want to achieve and it all starts with effective and cohesive branding. I am grateful for the time I had with her and may be putting in some more time with both of them in the future because one hour is not enough to capitalize on the knowledge that this pair shares! I think if you take a look at their coaching website you will see what I mean! Add a little beauty and knowledge to your feed!

Stacey is the owner and founder of Meet Pepper, a super fun but work hard creative agency that will help you with everything on your to-do list from blogging and sending out newsletters to coming up with the perfect marketing strategy for your business. They'll keep your social media accounts up to date and even take care of your brand photography for you! Not only that, they offer great mentoring sessions and I was lucky enough to snag one myself with Stacey. She gave me some great ideas and pointers that have helped me streamline things this fall.

If that weren't enough, Stacey and the team at meet Pepper have been putting on some great online conferences called 'Conference and Chill (I mean whats better than getting world class education while you sit at home in your sweatpants) and I have to say, after attending the one in July I was blown away by the line up of talent and knowledge, the fun we had, and the inspiration and ideas I walked away with. PLEASE take a look at everything she and her team have to offer- amd stay up to date on the latest events by following them on instagram at @meetpepper and @conferenceandchill!

Shari + Mike might just be the nicest people on the planet. Like, for real. I was fortunate to have a mentoring session with them earlier this fall for one hour. Two and a half hours later we will still hanging out on zoom laughing and they were still dishing out all kinds of good advice and helpful ideas! It doesn't hurt that they are super talented photographers too- go on, just take a peek. They are based in Canada but available for worldwide travel to cover your wedding photography needs. And their little girl Auggie is the star of the show (and their instagram stories) but if you are looking for some good hearted down to earth coaching and mentoring from two working parents who have built their business from the ground up, go ahead and give these two a shout!

Julie Livermore is not an educator for photographers (at least not yet-but maybe one day!) She's not selling a workshop or a set of presets and she doesn't do coaching, but what she does is so very special. She takes beautiful photos of my family, she commiserates and celebrates with me all year long as we talk through the highs and lows of being working moms running one-woman photography businesses who are each raising two boys, and she listens and offers suggestions and advice whenever I need it. I hope that I do the same for her! I have had the pleasure of photographing her family (though I don't know if I have don't them justice) and I love all the beautiful photographs she has taken of mine including the one you see here! She's an incredibly talented family and newborn photographer and the first person I try to send people to if ever I can't take a client, and she has been kind enough to send many referrals my way. I think it is so important to have allies and friends in this business, and to have people that support you and Julie is definitely one of those people! Please check out her work here and give her some love!