Why Maxi Dresses are a MUST for a Stunning Session!

If you have made it to this page, chances are you are either thinking about booking a session, or you have already booked one. Either way, I am glad you are here! Booking a professional photo session is an investment in art that will last a lifetime, and hopefully longer, so let's talk about what will make your photos stand out. You might think about things like lighting, camera, lenses, the location, your expression and so on. And most of that you are trusting to me, as you should! Additionally you are hopefully trusting my creativity and vision for your shoot, which is why I am not going to beat around the bush about what you should and shouldn't wear to your session!

Part of turning an everyday snapshot into a work of art is in what you wear! I'll be the first to admit we all love a cozy pair of leggings or sweats around the house, and I wear jeans on the regular, and probably will wear them to your sessions, but I am behind the camera, not in front! Your photo session is not every day, capitalize on this opportunity to break out of the every day routine and get your hair and makeup done, and really look and feel your best! Read for my six reasons why wearing a maxi dress to your session is an absolute must! I think you might just agree with me :)


I am guessing if you have invested in professional photography you are looking for photos that stand out from your everyday snapshots. Then let’s leave the every day clothes at home too! While I wear and love jeans and leggings on the daily myself, they don’t add anything to your images compared to the elegance, movement and romance a maxi dress can give your photos. Walking hand in hand with your dress blowing in the wind is romantic! Twirling in jeans? Not the same! Dancing with your daughter in leggings? Blah compared to swinging around hand in hand with your little girl in dresses. Maxis are like art, poetry, fine wine...they just add that extra beauty to your session that other wardrobe items can't!


Sure, I specialize in still photography, but that doesn't mean a still photograph can't have movement. And Maxi dresses bring the movement big time. Envision with me the skirt your maxi flowing in a gentle breeze, glide with a flick of your wrist, and fanning out in a beautiful drape as you spin. Pants just don't do that!


Not usually a maxi girl? I get it! But I assure you there is a dress to suit your personal style. Whether you are boho chic and have a mountain session planned or city cool and want to grab something more urban and accessorize with boots and a hat for a downtown street art shoot the perfect dress is out there, and I am happy to help you find it. I even have a page I am always updating with my favorite session worthy styles that is dedicated to helping you shop! Whether you want long sleeve, short sleeve, spaghetti strap, lace or crochet, silk or satin, velvet or cotton, floor length or hi-lo. I assure you the fashion world has made the dress for you!


Normally I am not a huge fan of props, but what is better than a prop that is built into what you are wearing? Maxi’s are a natural prop for both you and your kids, since you can twirl and spin in them, hold onto the skirt, your kids can play peek-a boo behind the skirt, and you run and let the wind carry the billowing fabric of your skirt! 


You never know where our sessions my take us, but having a maxi dress where you can easily just grab your skirt, pick up and hop over a big rock, climb over a creek or scramble up the side of a hill is much better than being stuck in a too-tight dress or a stiff pair of jeans. And with the versatile nature of maxis they look great paired with sandals, ballet flats, cowboy boots or combat boots, not just fancy heels or wedges...which means you will still look great and you won't be stuck in shoes you can't walk in!


As much as I wish all of us loved our bodies just the way they are, many of us nitpick at perceived flaws. Whether those flaws are real or not, the great thing about maxi dresses is they come in a multitude of shapes and styles. Whether you want a 3/4 sleeve frock to cover your arms, or an empire waisted one to cover a post childbirth tummy, there is undoubtedly the perfect one to flatter your figure, match your style and make you feel like a goddess!  Hey, I think you look perfect just as you are, but the maxi dress has got you covered! :)

If I haven't convinced you to wear a flowy dress to your session with those six reasons, then my plea with you would be this, try to find ways to bring a little movement to your session in other pieces. You are wanting to look your best during your session and bring a little movement into the images, so try to look for pieces like drapey tops, kimonos, a long flowy maxi skirt and top, etc. If you spin around in front of your mirror and things move freely then great! If not- keep looking. We want to great lasting timeless and beautiful images that are fine art for your walls. I hope these suggestions help you in planning your next outfit! Stay tuned for my new and complete family guide for the whole family!

Not sure where to shop? Check out my click and shop links below for some pre-selected styles, or head directly to some of my favorite store for great maxi options here:

joyfolie | free people | zara | baltic born | anthropologie | target | mango | lulu's | asos | forever 21 | h&m

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