"Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all."

—Tinku Razoria

Since I was a little girl I have always adored giving homemade gifts, ESPECIALLY at Christmas. From homemade cards to painted ceramic ornaments to those mis-guided iron on transfer and puffy paint embellished sweatshirts in the nineties, if you are someone close to me it's inevitable that there's a hand crafted creation somewhere in your midst.

These days my photography is my primary form of creation, but even still, there are some pretty clever and beautiful things you can do yourself with all the special family photos we have created together to gift to your loved ones, and I can't think of a better year for a heartfelt keepsake to be sent to those you may not be able to be close to. Check out these great DIY photo gifts that you can do with a few simple supplies at home!

This is a classic and timeless ornament that should definitely become a family tradition for everyone! Make it a routine to create one of these from your favorite family photo complete with the year and you will end up with a tree full of beautiful family memories!

I love these tile photo coasters because you can really do anything with them! You can create a monochrome set using your favorite black and white images, or stick to a colorful set. What about a close up of each child, or showcase all the group shots from your session!

This modern wall hanging would be the perfect craft for a nursery, or a great gift to put together for a senior going off to college next year. Really it's a great gift for anyone with a clean and modern style and a great way to show off 9 photos (or however many you want) all at once!

How insanely cute are these photo ties by Something Turquoise blog? While I know a lot of guys may have less reason to be wearing ties these days now that we are staying home more and dressing up less, I still thing adorning his favorite tie with a great photo of the kids, or picking out a new special one would make a perfect stocking stuffer! And if you don't try this out for the holidays, be sure to put this idea in your back pocket for Father's Day, and who knows by then we all might be back to having to don our very best on a somewhat daily basis, ties included!

I adore these little photo magnets and think what a great gift for the kids to work on and send to the grandparents with some of their school art! They can create some magnets with their faces, and pair it with their proudest artistic creations and the grandparents will have the best of both worlds greeting them every time they open the fridge- their grandchildren's faces and their creativity!

My boys made these ornaments a few years ago and each year when we pull them out of the ornament box they get excited all over again. They are such a fun conversation piece and really show off their personalities! This is a great way to show off those silly photos we take at your session...the running, jumping in the air, throwing leaves, spinning and twirling, all great photos to cut out and put in a snow globe!

DIY not your thing? Don't have time to craft? Let me take care of the holiday ornament for you this year! Read on for details about custom ornaments!

Custom Engraved Ornament

Ordered through Erin Lassahn Photography

Beautiful custom wood ornaments are available in either a circle or the boutique cut (pictured) and can be customized for a one of a kind keepsake. Just let me know your favorite family photo, and what your would like engraved on the back (family name, date, and/or holiday greeting) Click the button below to send me a message and find out more!

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"For it is in the giving that we receive."

—St. Francis of Assisi