“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”

– Marc Brown

Phillip and I have hung out several times now, and I have to admit I have had to work pretty darn hard for some of his smiles during past sessions. But July 10th was a different day and this little man had nothing but smiles for me, and excitement for his new little brother Teddy. We giggled, he took a few pictures with my camera of his brother (I mean what toddler doesn't love a big fancy machine with lots of buttons to press!?) and then there were lots of snuggles with Teddy, mom & dad.

Teddy himself was just along for the ride, being a super trooper of a sport as we passed him from mom to dad and back again, on the bed, off the bed, and "Oh oh! Phillip wait, don't roll over your brother!" (Phew- don't worry no babies were harmed in the making of these photos!) Back in the safety of moms arms, Teddy closed out his moment in the spotlight with a bottle and a smile.

After all the fun I packed up and was ready to go when I felt a tug on my leg. Phillip ready and waiting for a hug and a kiss goodbye! Swoon! These to amazing parents are raising a shining little gem of a boy...and I love watching him grow!