Having a two-year-old is like having a blender you don't have the top for

-Jerry Seinfeld

You know, the great thing about mini sessions is you only have to wrangle your little ones for the time it would take them to watch an episode of their favorite cartoon, and then be on your way to the next item of the day! I think that might be precisely why Michelle opted for a mini.

Meet little Xiomara (pronounced Shamara) ... a spunky, adorable darling who's always on the move! This gal was a little woman about town, and she had plans of her own about where we should go and what she wanted to do, and you know what? I was A-OK with that! Mom and dad were great sports and showed their athletic agility time over time while chasing her down an alley, swinging her in their arms, or throwing her up above their heads for some sweet giggles. Xiomara- I'll say this now and you can hold onto it for later - you know you have amazing parents when they commit to chasing you around for 30 minutes on a hot sunny June afternoon when all they really want to do is sit down for some pizza and beer around the corner. (Don't worry though, when our session came to an end I am pretty sure they high -tailed it to Central market for a slice & a cold one!)

Take a peek at this little bundle of energy!

Here she comes!

And... there she goes!

This girl right here knows where she's going!

MOM: "I just want...

One hug...


If this reminds you of your busy little toddler...

then I'm willing to bet 20 minutes is all the energy you might have for photos too! So take a deep breath, hand the kid a sensory bin of dried pasta as a distraction, and hop on over to my scheduling page before you have to get back to rescuing the poor cat from your little one's game of 'tag'! I promise to get down on the ground, and play with you little one at least as hard as you do, and then turn playtime into beautiful memories for your home!