Photos in the Rockies

location guide: Colorado

Whether you want photos right on Capital Hill, or a little further out along the canal path. With so many great options throughout the district, take your pick below!

lakewood heritage center

A beautiful and expansive park in Lakewood that has two lakes, beautiful fields of tall grass, a covered bridge, and a beautiful stone sitting area by the water.

rino arts district

The area spanning the blocks from 24th-36th between Blake St & Larimer St in Downtown Denver are host to some of the best street art around. Not only that, it is ever-changing so you never know what you are going to get! Colorful murals cover alleyways and the sides of buildings and offer a truly artistic setting for photos!

golden history park

Also known as Clear Creek History Park, this park in Golden features historical cabins and barns to use as backdrops, as well as a pathway, and places to trek down to the riverside.

mckay lake

This park in Westminster is set by a large lake with a long dock, with a wooded area and space that backs up to a private home with fencing around a large horse pasture.

cheesman park

Cheesman Park is a beautiful manicured green space in Denver with a central white column pavilion, flower beds, and a mixture of trees and open space.

Red ROcks

Hillside red rock formations along the foothills with wild grasses, trails and an iconic amphitheater.

17 Mile House Farm Park

A beautiful park in Northwest DC featuring a large cascading fountain, stone structures and trees.  

South valley Park

A large park in the heart of Georgetown featuring open grassy spaces as well as forested areas with trails.

Confluence & Commons Park

A vibrant urban indoor/outdoor market with colorful surrounding streets.  


City Park

A manicured park in between office buildings with multiple fountains and water features. 

South Valley Park

Cobblestone streets, brick walls, waterfront views and a boat dock.

dc street murals

What could be better and more urban that going on a tour of some of DC’s best murals? From Union Market to Blagden Alley, there is a lot of art that can serve as colorful and vibrant backdrops for your portraits. 

additional locations

Boulder Open Spaces, Chatfield State Park, Horsetooth Reservoir, Estes Park,