"A grand adventure is about to begin."

—Winnie the Pooh

lifestyle newborn Sessions

Focus on Connection

You should walk away from your session with photos that showcase the special new arrival in your family, and that celebrate all ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes! (Or maybe twenty? twins?!) Whether this is your first child or fourth, these are special times and certainly worth documenting because they are oh so fleeting and gosh they only stay teeny for a moment! I offer a mix of gentle posing and documentary style photography. I am happy to photograph you snuggling, rocking, breastfeeding, bathing your baby, or even just taking a stroll in the park with your new little one in your arms.

My Values

It is my honor to document love and family in all ways, shapes, sizes and colors. I am a proud support of the LGBTQ+ community and BLM. I support clients of all gender identities, ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations. I adore photographing the wide array of personalities and people that come before my lens and welcome diversity in all its forms.


Many times it's best and easiest to take newborn photos in the your own home, however taking newborn photos outdoors if weather allows can be just as beautiful, and even allows for capturing photos after the typical 'newborn window.' I have lots of places I love photographing across the Denver Metro area and beyond. Whether you want a city park, urban street art, or mountain scenery, Colorado has it all! Lots of places do require permits and often additional fees may apply, however if you have a spot in mind I always do my best to make your wishes come true!

Session Pricing & Collections


A one and a half to two hour lifestyle newborn session scheduled outdoors, in your home, or a combo of both.

Approximately two to three weeks after your session you'll receive a slideshow of images from your session viewable for 48 hours, during which you have the choice of 3 collections. Collection info below.

**For sessions outside of Colorado, please get in touch, I travel often and would love to work with you!



This collection includes ALL the best digital images plus a $250 artwork credit. It's the best value per image, plus, your preview slideshow is included in HD!



This collection includes your favorite 20 high res digital images, plus a $150 artwork credit giving you lots of options in the expansive ELP print store. You'll also receive your preview slideshow in HD!



Choose your favorite 8 high res digital images from your gallery plus enjoy shopping with a $75 artwork credit in the ELP store.


Special Savings...

when you book a Newborn Session with your Maternity Session!

Please GET IN TOUCH to save $75 off your Maternity session AND your Newborn session when booking both together!

Need more info on Maternity Sessions? Click here!

Special Savings...

when you book a Newborn Session with your Maternity Session!

Please GET IN TOUCH to save $75 off your Maternity session AND your Newborn session when booking both together!

Need more info on Maternity Sessions? Click here!

Session Prep & What to Wear


  • For adults: Comfort is king, and neutral goes a long way. I find the best newborn photos are the ones that look the 'cleanest' and the ones that focus on the baby, and as babies are obviously so little, I tend to think that loud, colorful and busy clothes distract the eye and pull focus away from that which we are trying to highlight; your new arrival! So when planning outfits for an indoor newborn session, think easy, comfortable (but still beautiful and well cared for) whites, greys, beiges, tans. Simple embellishments like lace or crochet can add a nice touch for a little texture.
  • For baby: Sticking with neutral to match you, or soft pastels is great, and staying away from patterns is preferred but totally your call. Making sure you have a few solid onesies, solid swaddles and wraps that you can wrap tightly is great. Additionally, diaper covers are great! This allows us to do a few shots without a onesie on or mostly skin to skin without risking an accident on your outfit. For your new little girl, when selecting headbands, I generally recommend headbands that are small & delicate, as to not overtake her beautiful face!


  • Indoor sessions: To ensure your session goes as smoothly as possible there's just a few things you can do to tip the scales in your favor! First, do your best to make sure your baby has eaten just before your session and is hopefully ready to sleep soon after I arrive. A noise/sound machine can assist in helping baby fall asleep, and keeping him/her asleep! Second, have the temperature in your home above average warm, so that your little one will be comfortable being wrapped and unwrapped and moved around without getting cold. Third, please try to clear the areas we will be photographing of any clutter, cords and excess items you wouldn't want photographed. Things like baby monitors, items on nightstands like remote controls, water bottles, baby toys, food items, clothing, etc.
  • Outdoor sessions: Just like indoor sessions, there are a few things you can do to plan for success. I generally ask clients to travel as light as possible when planning outdoor sessions, but in the case of babies we all know that is easier said than done! Please make sure you pack a bottle if need be in case your babe needs to feed during our time, or be prepared to breastfeed to settle a fussy babe. Please also make sure your baby will be warm enough for the weather by having a swaddle on hand. Finally please bring a neutral colored quilt or throw blanket you all can sit on for photos.

Custom Print Shop

A wide array of beautiful print products are available for additional purchase through your gallery in the custom print shop including framed prints, canvas gallery wraps, albums, greeting card, metal prints, acrylic prints, and more. It's the perfect way to ensure that your special memories are preserved for years to come, and not forgotten about on a hard drive or phone!