Hooray! You're booked! What Now?

Session Prep & What to wear

The house is a mess, the kids shoes are scuffed and outgrown, and you have no idea how you are going to get the them to just hold still and smile for a dang picture. It's ok mama! Relax, breathe. I'll take care of the smiles, you can have fun planning the families outfits in minutes with an easy styling tool from the comfort of your couch. Together, we've got this!

A few tips for getting the whole family into the right headspace before your session!

Relax and forget the 'Cheese'!

I love figuring out how to make your kids smile and laugh. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve, and often it’s just a matter of letting me talk to them for a few minutes to connect. As tempted as we all are at times to yell ‘Say Cheese’, in my experience this creates fake smiles and strained photos. It can be quite stressful for your children if three adults are all demanding they smile on cue. Stepping back and relaxing while I interact with your children is the best way to achieve natural, gorgeous smiles in photos that will capture the true essence of your child’s personality!

You know your kids best

While I definitely recommend a relaxed approach as mentioned before, there are times where I may ask you to step in and help. Why? Because I recognize that you know your children best, and may have an inside joke, a special song or some other ‘bit’ with your kids that gets them cracking up! If I invite you to do this please try to get as close to me as possible, even leaning directly behind/above me so that as your child is looking at you, they are simultaneously looking at the camera lens. 

I need you dads!

My clients are amazing and that includes you dads! But hey, I totally understand that family portraits aren’t always your favorite weekend activity. That said, I’m sure you understand how important capturing your family is. These images will be left as a legacy for when your children are grown with families of their own some day. My goal is to give you photos to be treasured forever so please, dads… cheerfully participate in your family photo session. Just think about how happy you’ll make your wife, and then picture an ice cold brew waiting at home for you! 

Help! What do we wear?

The Basics

The most important thing here is for you and and your family to be yourselves. Your family session probably isn't the time to try that strapless mermaid gown you saw at Neiman's but hey, mama you do you! However there are a few rules-of-thumb to stick to when coordinating your family, so here are the basics do's and don'ts:


  • Choose a few key colors & tie them throughout the whole families outfits.
  • Make sure sure your clothes are clean & wrinkle free.
  • Wear items that you are comfortable in and shoes you can walk in!


  • Wear clothes with logos, graphics, or words on them.
  • Kids can get away with shorts, but pants are best for adults.
  • No tennis shoes or sneakers please!

now let's get styling

Style & Select

You are a busy mom, and coordinating 3, 4 maybe even 5 or 6 outfits can be overwhelming. Let's make it easier for you shall we?

Style & Select is an online styling tool that helps you plan the perfect outfits. Here's what you do.

After answering a few questions about colors, the vibe you are going for, and the people you are styling, the quick results page will show you photo-approved clothing pieces for each family member. You can view outfits side-by-side while favoriting items and play around with combinations until you have selected the perfect outfits! Click the email button to send yourself the selected items to use as inspiration in your own closet, or shop the exact items you selected right away by clicking the shopping cart buttons. Now...Simply go to the questionnaire and use access code 9662n071 to begin styling your entire family!

Need a little more help?

I've got you covered! Up above I gave you a few pointers and a great styling tool to get you started, but if you want a little more help pulling a look together or thinking about colors and coordinating everyone take a peak at my complete wardrobe guides below. Happy closet diving (or shopping!)